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    1. About Us

      GuangDong YungKu Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2021, predecessor known as Shenzhen YungKu Precision Fixture Co., Ltd., participated in fixture industry since 2008 and expand into the field of Automation Testing Equipment in 2013. We are located No. 139, GaoLong West Road, GaoBu Town, DongGuan City, a High Science & Technology Park consists of 2 nine-floor factory buildings, covers a total area of 52,000 square meters, and aim to a comprehensive park for Research & Development, Office, Production, and Service Center...

      + Detail

      Non-standard precision gauge

      Non-standard automation equipment

      Product applications

      One stop solution

      Customer Consultation

      Requirement analysis

      Proposal and quotation

      Sign a contract

      Finalization of project team design

      Product production

      Post development

      After-sale service

      Our advantages

      01Complete design, processing, assembly, debugging, and testing one-on-one according to customer needs

      news information


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